Gender Therapy

If you’re examining gender issues in your life, gender therapy can be invaluable.

This type of therapy addresses issues of gender identity, gender dysphoria, and self-identity, how to navigate the transition process, how to cope with any emotions or behaviors that are sometimes associated with transition including anxiety, depression, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts, how to obtain gender confirmation surgery (GCS), and how to cope with any issues that might arise after any surgery or transition.

All of the therapists at Personal Evolution Psychotherapy (PEP) have been trained as gender therapists. Sue Boyd, LCSW, BCD has provided gender therapy for over 15 years to the transgender community, and in 2011, she formed a team of gender therapists at PEP. PEP has a bi-weekly Gender Consultation Team meeting, which is the first gender consultation team of its kind in San Diego County. PEP’s Gender Consultation team provides training and consultation on specific trans related and gender issues. This allows the therapists at PEP to provide the most up to date care possible re: gender and trans related issues. In-Person, Teletherapy, and Online Therapy and counseling available.

PEP is also the first comprehensive and intensively trained DBT team in the world to provide DBT to trans people specifically designed to assist in gender issues and/or transition and to decrease feeling suicidal or urges to self-harm secondary to gender dysphoria. PEP is the first DBT team in the world to use DBT to specifically address trans related issues.

PEP is the first DBT team in the world to use DBT to specifically address trans related issues.

All PEP therapists have competency to provide gender therapy. We provide cognitive & behaviorally focused gender therapy to all trans people, including transmen and transwomen, genderqueer, gender questioning, gender fluid, non-binary, and bigender adults and adolescents in San Diego County. Sue Boyd, LCSW, BCD has been working with both binary and non-binary trans people for over 15 years. Sue provides supervision and clinical direction to all gender therapists at PEP, so that all PEP therapists can provide the most effective therapy for gender issues.

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