Types of Available Therapy:

Adolescents & Teens Therapy

Appointments Available 7 days/week - 8am-10pm

Call/Text: (619) 787-6676 or Email: PEPtherapy@gmail.com

Adolescents & Teen Therapy

Personal Evolution Psychotherapy provides cognitive and behaviorally based therapy to adolescents. We provide therapy that meets your teen’s needs. If your teen needs assistance with depression or anxiety, we can help. If your teen needs assistance with gender transition, we can help. If your teen has mood swings or communication issues, we can help. We provide different types of therapy based on the need of the client. Some teens will benefit from DBT and it’s structured format of both group and individual therapy weekly. Some teens benefit most from individual therapy. Some teens need gender therapy. We meet with teens and their parents to discuss the different options available.

Adolescent Multi-family DBT individual and group therapy is available. If you are a teenager or have a teenager who has mood swings or depression/anxiety, has difficulty regulating emotions, has low impulse control or an eating disorder, has a difficult time interacting with others, and/or has self-injurious or self-harm behaviors, please contact us for information re: beginning individual and group DBT therapy. Multi-Family DBT requires parents and adolescents to attend a 2 hour skills training group as well as individual therapy for the teen weekly. Consistent parental attendance in the weekly skills training group, as well as participation, is required for success.

Personal Evolution Psychotherapy also specializes in providing therapy to gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer teens. This typically involves weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy.

While it’s not easy to address issues while one is a teenager, therapy can create change that is very effective during this time. We also are aware that it’s not easy to accommodate family schedules, so weekend and evening hours are available for individual/family therapy.

Call/Text: (619) 787-6676 | Email: PEPtherapy@gmail.com
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